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February 27, 2019by Courtney Elise0

You asked for it, and here it is. All your must have items + their links and codes all in one easy, convenient place.

I absolutely LOVE all of these products and use them on a regular basis. Though I make a small commission off of your orders, I would never recommend something or work with a brand I did not use myself or support 100%.


Medlie Veggies formerly Zupa Noma ready-to-sip soups

Re-branded and better than EVER!

Code to save 15%: CARROTSANDCURLS

This code is good for ALL your Medlie orders. I drink these soups during my Whole30’s and in my food freedom. I feel refreshed and fueled no matter which flavor I drink. My faves are any from the Whole30 Collagen Collabs and I absolutely LOVE the tomato gazpacho. You can drink these cold or warm them up!







nutpods dairy free creamer


This code is good for one use per person. I haven’t gone a day without nutpods since we fell in love nearly 3 years ago. I actually used to drink my coffee black until I met these beauties. Unsweetened, but you don’t even miss it. SO creamy so yummy. I also use them in baking and in cooking. Keep your eyes out for delicious seasonal flavors too!







Vital Proteins – My FAVORITE collagen of all time.

I use VP in my coffee every single day. I bake with it, use it in smoothies (and I even sneak it into mashed potatoes. shhhh). There are too many benefits to name here but I won’t go a day without it again. My joints, hair, skin and nails are so much better because of this! I don’t have a discount code, but this is an affiliate link.







CHOMPS Grass-Fed Meat Sticks

Check back often for amazing deals and sales!

This is my favorite on the go proteins!







Butcher Box – high quality meat delivered (free shipping) straight to your doorstep 

I LOVE BB. If you use my link I will get a credit to add towards my next box and guess what? As soon a you place your first order you will also get a referral link you can give to all of your friends so you will be able to take advantage of getting credits towards your future deliveries! There are also TONS of promo’s for first time BB customers. Right now it’s free ground beef in every box.. FOR LIFE. So worth it to sign up!







Beauty Counter – Safer Makeup!

My absolute FAVORITE safer make-up to use. It has been a gamechanger with my skin.  I am a consultant with BC so I will make a commission off of your order. But believe me when I tell you I use the 100% every single day. Super quality and safe makeup products. I definitely recommend the “Flawless in five” set which includes 6 make up pieces you can apply in five minutes for a natural looking glow! I do not have a coupon code but I always share promo’s on my Instagram Stories when available!








Fre Skin Care -Safer Skin Care (Especially for Women who Sweat!)


Fre is specifically formulated for women who workout to help with hydration as well as preventing breakouts! This company is amazing and gives back to the community in so many ways!

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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