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January 14, 2016by Courtney Elise0

Whole30 Day O N E

So, my intention was to kick off the whole30 this weekend in Virginia. My sister in law and my brother in law started a couple of weeks ago, so I was going to let them be my inspiration.

Or maybe it was an excuse to wait even longer and keep putting off. With that being said, I am starting today. I am not as prepared which, from what I’ve read so far in It Starts With Food… is not the best idea, but I am determined to make this work.

For breakfast I had 2 poached eggs. Not quite the breakfast of champions I desired but hey, it was filling and fueled my early morning with protein. And of course coffee… black coffee. I’m thankful for nearly 4 years at Starbucks for teaching me to appreciate the quality and natural taste of black, coffee because it will be my morning friend for the next 30 days!

Lunch was less exciting than breakfast, only because, like I said… unprepared.
I had a dressing-less salad. Spinach, cucumbers and carrots and an apple. Definitely held me over until my absolutely delicious dinner.

Stuffed Bell Peppers (Get Recipe Here)They were nothing short of amazing. Sautéed shallots, garlic, carrots, mushrooms and spinach with ground beef… baked in a green bell pepper topped with all natural marinara sauce.

I was either just really hungry… or they were THAT good. It may be a smidge of both but hey, I’ve (almost) made it through my first day! And will without a doubt be making these again!

The plan for the rest of the night… finish packing for my trip, drink a nice hot cup of {herbal} tea before bed and hangout with the hubs. Sounds like a good day to me <3

P.S. Thank you. I never thought in a million years that anyone would read my post from yesterday let alone reach out with so many encouraging words. I am beyond excited to make this journey through the whole30 and am even more hopeful now because of each of you.

Much love, Court

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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