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January 17, 2016by Courtney Elise0

Today started off with a delicious whole30 frittata made by Hannah with some fresh {& delicious} fruit. The morning went by pretty quickly while getting ready for Chloe’s birthday party so by the time lunch got here we were pretty hungry! Hannah had pre made some chicken salad with homemade whole30 mayo which I plan on learning how to make before I leave. The chicken salad was incredible! With a side of fruit and cashews I was completely satisfied and ready to move on to more party prepping tasks! 

For dinner we had baked sweet potatoes loaded with last nights veggie, chili style dish. It was phenomenal. We put some avacado on top which added awesome freshness and a nice flavor. I’m quickly learning that healthy fats like avacado and whole30 approved nuts will make me satisfied quicker and for longer! 
On to the more difficult part of the day. So, Chloe’s birthday party (which was awesome by the way) was a cookie decorating party with a hot chocolate bar!

 I was doing fine, wasn’t tempted by the cookies all that much but when I smelled the hot chocolate & saw all of those sweet, scrumptious toppings I had to put on my self control A game. 

Luckily, Hannah and I toughed it out and manages to not slip up once! 

The pride and confidence I am gaining is I describable. This weekend has definitely taught me that this is a lifestyle change that can definitely be implemented long term. Here’s to a happy, healthier, life! ?
Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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