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January 20, 2016by Courtney Elise0

Well, today was my first work day on whole30. I was worried how it would go being that I wake up at 4:15 am which means I eat breakfast super early… Then lunch earlier in the day which means by dinner time… I’m hangry. Yes, hangry! anger fueled by hunger: a cranky state resulting from lack of food, especially sweet things- thanks urban dictionary.

Much to my surprise, I didn’t feel nearly as tired when I woke up this morning. “They” said this would happen that my energy levels would get better but I wasn’t sure I believed it… Especially because it’s only been 6 days! But I was able to eliminate one of my snooze sessions, kick my tail into gear and make a delicious breakfast. Sautéed kale/spinach and cherry tomatoes with 2 poached eggs and a banana! (& of course black coffee).
Thankfully I had a busy morning so I wasn’t tempted to snack. I packed a lunch of a green leafy salad full of cucumbers, carrots & tomatoes with homemade Italian vinaigrette! I had a (closed fist) full of cashews and an apple. It was light but filling. 
I finished my shopping after work and bought the rest of the ingredients I needed to make tonight’s dinner, a whole30 take on chili, which was more like veggie beef soup since no beans allowed! {I stole this recipe from Hannah this past weekend}.

and homemade mayonnaise. Yes, homemade mayonnaise!  I don’t even like mayo but this was delish.
I was so proud of myself! So with my whole30 friendly, all natural mayo I made chicken salad (no picture yet) with grapes, celery and apple. I can’t wait to have chicken salad for lunch tomorrow! 
There’s something about the effort that goes into not only learning what the food does to the body but a sense of pride with shopping and creating all natural, nutrient, enriched food to fuel the mind, body and soul. 
Clean eating is more than just better food, it’s achieving a better quality of life and a sense of well being and purpose. Self worth that feels far better than binge eating a box of Krispy Cream donuts ?

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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