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January 21, 2016by Courtney Elise0

One week ago today I took a leap of faith and admitted publicly that I have an unhealthy relationship with food.  It was a difficult, yet necessary confession to make because I was headed down a path of high blood pressure, obesity, low self worth, and who knows what else if I didn’t make a change.

The past s e v e n days have been hard but rewarding.
I’ve learned that avocado is good with any meal (& has quickly become one of my favorite foods)
I’ve learned that breakfast doesn’t have to mean waffles and scrambled eggs
I’ve learned that meals exist outside of carbs
I’ve learned that my brain wants sugar more than my stomach does
I’ve learned how to create delicious meals out of whole foods
I’ve learned how to make mayonnaise from scratch (& I learned to actually like mayonnaise)
I’ve learned to  slow down and appreciate the quality of a meal and the work that goes into it.
I’ve learned that I have the power to go  s e v e n  days without sugar or processed foods.

Something I never thought was possible.
I never would have thought that after just a few days I would feel better.  I’ve seen a change in my thought patterns and motivation. I already feel less bloated and icky. I am less fatigued and get far more accomplished during the day. I am proud of myself.

Have I mastered the concept and rules of whole30?

No.  but I know the difference between foods that are going to benefit my health and ones that aren’t.

I am excited about all that I’ve discovered in the past week and am even more stoked for the things I haven’t yet. About food, physical and mental health, exercise and life.

As day 7 comes to an end, I’ve learned that I have more support than I ever thought possible which means… I’m not doing this alone. And like with any recovery journey, a solid support system is crucial for success. So thank you for the pats on the back and encouraging words. They play a bigger role than you possibly know.

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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