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January 31, 2016by Courtney Elise2

Well, I’m no food network star (despite how much of that channel I watch on a regular basis) but several of you have asked for a whole30 basic mayo tutorial, so here you go!

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Huge thanks to my friend Kelsey who was ready and willing to help me make this video and for taking these pictures! My whole30 journey has been incredible so far and I hope that this blog and {helpful tips} can serve as inspiration for YOU to make better choices of the food that put in your body. Food that makes you feel good 🙂
Start with quarter cup of light olive oil in mixing bowl and add 1 room temperature egg, and 1/2 teaspoon of mustard powder and salt and whisk together. 
Slowly drizzle the rest of the (1 cup) light olive oil into the mixing bowl and blend with immersion blender (the slower you mix it the creamier and less oily it will be).

Once it’s mixed and creamy, add the juice from half of a lemon and mix until incorporated.

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise


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