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February 19, 2016by Courtney Elise0
I have to say that in the past 36 days I have adopted the motto below. I have good days, and bad days. I still have anxiety from time to time, but I have to remember that I am human. Just because I’ve removed cupcakes & fried chicken from my life doesn’t mean I’ve got it all figured out. Life is not perfect but there are so many things I have control over. Like, what food I put into my body. If I choose to go to the gym or not. If I smash self-destructive thoughts as soon as they surface. So many times I have gone from diet to diet to try and look better for other people or to fit in. This go around, I am doing this for me. I am giving myself permission to be selfish & to change my life, because I am worth it.
Like I’ve mentioned before, lots of questions come my way when people see me bring my own salad dressing to a party, or if they see me say no to dessert for like the first time ever. The question of the week has been, “I guess you never get to go out to eat now do you?”
Is it the easiest thing in the world? No. Is it hard to say no to delicious, cheesy, fried appetizers? Yes.  Have I had a successful Whole30 friendly date night? YES. 
The hubs wanted pizza the other night, so I looked around at different restaurants and noticed that Mellow Mushroom had a build your own salad option. Well, as mentioned before I’ve been bringing a small Tupperware container of my homemade dressing when we eat somewhere other than our house.  But I forgot it and kinda panicked. Our waitress had already caught on to the fact that I was being “picky” based on the fact I attacked her with questions as soon as we were seated. The good news is, she was fantastic. I asked her about marinades and how the ingredients are prepared. She asked what “diet” I was on, and I explained that it was something similar to paleo.
Much to my surprise she knew exactly what I was talking about. So she got out the menu, walked me through the list of veggies and salad toppings and told me what would be appropriate and what wouldn’t. She went so far as to have the chef skip out on the marinade for my chicken and just grill it with olive oil, salt and pepper AND she brought me a delicious and whole30 approved dressing.  So, shout out to Becca at the Mellow Mushroom in Columbus, GA for not making me feel like one of “those” customers who make waiting tables so complicated. Needless to say, she got an awesome tip & we’ll be going there again!
On to different news, it’s pretty clear, I mean very clear, that during the first 30 days of Whole30 you are not to weigh. You weigh on day 0 and on day 31. Since I was extending my 30 days to 45, and maybe even to 60 I had decided that I was going to wait until I was ready for reintroduction to weigh again. Well, day 33 was a struggle for whatever reason so instead of eating my emotions for temporary satisfaction, I got on the scale.  Along with the increased energy and overall better quality of life… I have lost 14.7 pounds. WHAT!? I didn’t see that coming. That’s the true beauty of it. Whole30 isn’t about how many pounds you lose, it’s about being good to your body, physically and mentally. Losing weight is just a side effect.
So, here’s to 36 days of loving myself & looking forward to the days to come! <3
Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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