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July 19, 2016by Courtney Elise1

Today’s blog has been a work in progress in my mind since June 11th. The day that I found out that my favorite former ‘Voice’ contestant Christina Grimmie had been shot and killed after her concert in Orlando, FL. Just to find out that in that same week a terrorist attack would hit a night club in the same city.

Following many more shootings, deaths, violence and acts of hate on our country, in our country and others, including Nice, France.

Initially my thoughts were consumed with me. With my upcoming back surgery. With the pain and numbness that the degeneration in my disks created for me each day. Night after night watching the headlines scroll across the screen quickly transferred that pain and numbness to a different area. My heart was broken for these lives being taken; Black lives,  White lives, French lives, Law Enforcement lives, Gay lives, Turkish lives and the life of a youtube sensation and rising star with the voice of an angel.

Life is short. 

All of the breaking news segments definitely changed my perspective on my, then, upcoming surgery. I was excited, nervous, and felt guilty for how much it was going to cost. Life is short, look at all the hate in the world…is having this surgery even worth it?


My husband looked at me in my tear filled eyes and said, “I want your quality of life to be better and this surgery is going to give that to you.”

So it was scheduled. June 23, 2016, and it went as smoothly as it possibly could have.

I have been out of commission for the past 26 days which has resulted in a lot of time to think and, well, over-think.

Due to all the hate pouring through all social media outlets and television it was hard to stay positive.

I remember prior to my surgery everyone telling me that this was an “old persons” surgery and that I was way too young to be having it.

Well, that’s true but it didn’t change the fact that I still had serious medical issues that could result in far more damage if action was not taken.

I remember prior to my surgery everyone telling me that I should eat whatever I wanted to because of the “delicious” liquid diet I’d be forced to comply with for several days post surgery.

I remember prior to my surgery everyone telling me that I should get used to the ceiling because walking was going to be difficult, painful and uncomfortable.

Notice anything? They’re all negative.

Did I only have people that care about me tell me negative stuff? NO. But, it’s all that I remember because unfortunately that’s how our minds are geared. So, I had to tell myself OVER and OVER again that I was worthy of this surgery. I had to turn the negative into the positive and FOCUS so heavily on the optimism and encouragement that I did have from so many people.

This is an “old persons” surgery and unfortunately I was dealt a crappy hand of joints in my genes, but that’s okay, and there’s nothing I can do to change it!

I am young, but I am able to have this surgery because of the strength that I’ve gained since beginning my Whole30 journey in January of this year. My core was strong, my body was well-nourished. I finally found a surgeon that was willing to do whatever it took to RESOLVE the issue and not just put a bandaid on it because I was finally STRONG enough to handle it and HEALTHY enough to handle it.

I had the energy and the drive to start physical therapy as soon as I was cleared to do so and work so hard that I am (hopefully) going back to work after just 4 weeks post op!

Thanks to W30 and the lessons I’ve learned throughout this journey my actions have resulted in SUCH a better quality of life ALL the way around.

In the midst of all the hate and negativity in the world (which I am in no way comparing a spinal fusion to hate crimes and terrorism) but it is up to me to find happiness in my day to day life.

Life IS short. So does that mean, throw in the towel to the hate in the world?


Life IS short. So does that mean, eat whatever you want and throw in the towel to your diet; to your health?


Since life is short, lets put down the excuses and look at how much the world does have to offer if you simply work for it. But, you have to want it.

Let’s shift the perspective. The old me would have said, life is short so lets eat Reese’s Cups, pizza and fried chicken every day and binge watch all things good on Netflix, never exercising!

The new me said, clean food makes you happy. Exercising makes you happy. Netflix makes you happy and dark chocolate makes you happy. Find the balance, people.

For me, W30 goes far beyond the food that I eat. It taught me more about myself and has challenged the way that I look at things simply because of the non-scale victory of being happy, of feeling good and most of all, feeling that life is too short NOT to care about yourself and your health.

You may not can change anything you see on the news or know the recipe for world peace, but you do have control and the ability to change your own life.

I promise, it starts with food.

Working hard in therapy with my I am Whole30 shirt for inspiration!
Sweet husband by my side!
Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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    Rajesh saini

    August 19, 2016 at 11:29 am

    raviv dozetas problems will arise in the attempt to reach thesesolutions, and this beggars the question of – Is this a very carefully and skilfully engineered situation raviv dozetas find ourselves in? ,and for the greater national good,the powers that be are not concerned enough that the ownership gap remains, and perhaps by closing the housing gap of the haves and have nots , may result in a faltering or weakening in its global economic standing.


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