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October 4, 2016by Courtney Elise4

The struggle was real today. 

Well, it *would* have been before my whole30 journey.
I implement my food freedom usually on weekends, while staying  mostly whole30 compliant throughout the week because that’s what keeps me focused, balanced, and my best.
I didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning as I hit the ground running at work to take care of things that were priority and that meant sacrifice my precious breakfast time. I’m talking, didn’t even have time for my emergency food. 
I stayed so busy I cruised right through the morning, straight through lunch… still never touching a cup of coffee. 
When things  settled down and I was finally sitting at my desk, I had one thing on my mind.
Now, I knew INSTANTLY that was emotions talking and not my stomach. I was tired, drained, hungry, flustered, relieved and proud the day was a success. All emotions I know (thanks to whole30) trigger me to dip out on my food freedom & choose the easy way out. (Eating food you think has all the answers to your internal and emotional turmoil but really just makes it a billion times worse). 
I knew this gem was waiting in my mailbox for me today and it was just the fuel I needed to eat my compliant chicken salad (that is the bomb) and think through the whole scenario before hightailing it to Papa John’s.
I am still exploring my food freedom, what it means to BE and STAY confident with my relationship with food. It’s discipline, and desire to want to live healthily but it’s about being realistic. Pizza was so not going to lessen the amount of stress I felt. It was actually going to make me feel bloated and guilty. 

Not. Worth. It. 
If you need me, I am going to be nose deep in this book learning new tips and tricks on how to rock my food freedom forever… because, what happened today… is real life stuff! We are all going to have bad days and I know healthy food choices keep my bad days to a minimum. 
& on a side note, CONGRATS September Whole30ers. You did it!
Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise


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    Amber Oliver

    January 29, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Hi Courtney – I am excited to follow your blog as I begin my first round of Whole 30. I just read this post and I'm struggling with the idea that I can Never have pizza again without feelings of guilt. Would you please provide some insight? Thanks ~ Amber


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    Courtney Elise. ♥

    January 29, 2017 at 2:21 am

    Amber! I hope that your January Whole30 is going well! I understand how you feel with the pizza thing. It may take a few rounds of Whole30 and food freedom practice before you dive in to a previous "guilty pleasure" without feeling some type of way. However, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt read Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig. <3


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