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February 7, 2017by Courtney Elise2

Lady Gaga Super Bowl performanceNot even 24 hours after writing yesterday’s blog on scale anxiety, I was browsing through Facebook and saw a comment about Lady Gaga’s halftime show and how she should be ashamed… yes, ashamed… of her “belly flab.”


The amount of anger that flooded my (imperfect) body is unreal.

In yesterday’s blog I spoke, briefly, on my negative experience with weighing myself and the consequences that came from obsessing over the number on the scale instead of promoting my non-scale victories and overall quality of health. I did not even touch the negative impact that social media and the public had on my body image.

I understand that it was not the media that shoved unhealthy food down my throat and I have been, and will always be, responsible for my own actions but if I had seen this article, or read these comments 4 years ago when I was so co-dependent on the scale and counting calories…can you imagine how I would have self-destructed?

So to the guy out there who said “Is this a bad time to say Gaga could lose 5-7 pounds” or to the lady who said “Looks like somebody missed a fitting before hitting the stage” or to the one who suggested she do some sit ups?

I would venture to say that your comments are born from insecurity in and of your own bodies, and if that is the case I hope that you find the health, happiness and confidence that you lack, but, while doing so, could you keep your body shaming comments to yourself?

I’m sure some of you are mothers, fathers, aunts or uncles and I am confident that your son or daughter, niece, nephew, or someone that you know struggles greatly when they look in the mirror. And take it from me, it is hard enough for them to fight the voice inside of their head so they don’t need any added stress or negative input from you.

I am thankful that I have found the Lady Gaga’s,  Danika Brysha’s and the Melissa Hartwig’s of the world that regardless of their size, or my size, or their grandfathers size, or their neighbors size, they promote individuality, and health in a judge free zone. Healthy lifestyles are not one size fits all and everyone has a different plan for success that takes some figuring out. And for some of us, it’s not easy. I am thankful that by my own choice I have changed who I look up to, who and what I view as beautiful. And more importantly, what I consider to be healthy.

Eating disorders can destroy a persons identity without any help from society and its unwanted expectations. So, when comments like this surface the internet about a woman who worked her tail off, to accomplish a dream infuriates me.

So, to Lady Gaga, it goes without saying but you rocked that stage, you worked hard for weeks in preparation for the Super Bowl and it showed. I admire your willingness to be yourself. You looked beautiful and your stamina was incredible. Thank you for setting an example to young men and women all over the globe that you can be beautiful, healthy and fit without being sick, frail and zero percent body fat.

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise


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