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June 23, 2018by Courtney Elise0

When I vacationed here (Turks and Caicos Island, Beaches Resort) 9 years ago I ate so many of these a day because

1) they were totally delicious and
2) I deserved them because I was on vacation.

See the flaw? Well this trip I visited the coffee shop I frequented and couldn’t find these gems anywhere.

I was pretty disappointed since I feel pretty solid in my food freedom and wanted to enjoy one of these again or to see if they were worth it.

Much to my dismay they were not in the coffee shop on any of the days- but… they made an appearance at the breakfast buffet this morning on our very last day and I was ecstatic.

I grabbed one on my plate and my mom had already snagged one for me since she knew my adoration for flakey croissant, chocolatey goodness and I ate every bite.

Food freedom isn’t always the paleo version or less sugary version of something. Sometimes it’s the real deal, like the ones pictured.

I enjoyed every bite I took and was fully present in the moment on my last morning at this beautiful resort and I have zero regrets.

This my friends is a huge achievement for me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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