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July 15, 2018by Courtney Elise0

This week has been a mental roller coaster for me. Not in a bad way, but in ways that continue to challenge me and make me really think about where I am and where I have been.

My weight has been something I’ve struggled with literally my entire life along with the negative self talk and skewed mind frame.

I read Glennon Doyle’s Love Warrior and of course all things Whole30, and the progress that I have made mentally is UNREAL. Like, a stress free, guilt free, shame free feeling around food on vacay is something I never thought I would achieve.

Then there is part B of this, and that’s the physical side. My joints feel better, my hair is stronger, my skin is clearer, but I still haven’t lost *all* the weight that I need to.

And sometimes people will make comments or question my ability to be a coach because of this.

And that’s okay. My journey isn’t over yet. I’m still working hard, but like I mentioned the other day- my value and my worth has nothing to do with the number on the scale.

I have weight loss goals, mental health goals, and overall health goals.

And that’s okay. And I haven’t reached all of them yet because as my sweet friend, Sarah,  just reminded me…. no mater what, this journey is a process, not an event.. even for me.

If you ever have the same thoughts as I do try to remember that you can’t and you won’t have everything figured out overnight.

We must keep our heads up, keep learning, keep trying, show ourselves grace and love, and I am convinced that as long as we keep showing up, we will be victorious and rise above those internal & external demons that we can’t always shake.

Just don’t forget to love yourself through this journey and I am only a  message away if you need me,

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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