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March 18, 2019by Courtney Elise0

I’ve spent the last few weeks really focusing on portion control. I started learning and implementing a proper meal template several years ago when my @whole30 journey just began but I’ve made it a very clear focus in recent days. Measuring serving sizes and keeping my attention there and on numbers, can be very triggering for my restrictive tendencies but what I’ve been doing is working so far, and here it is:

🤜🏼 being mindful. Not taking the entire box, package or bag of a food with no brakes to the table (or couch) and putting only a handful on the plate or in the bowl.

🤜🏼 eating slowly and listening to my body and its signals through every bite of the meal- you know Melissa Urban’s one bite rule.

🤜🏼 knowing (and believing) that I don’t have to eat the whole thing because I spent money on it.

🤜🏼 or believing I have to clean my plate after every meal. Since I’ve been preparing 99% of meals at home and according to an appropriate meal template for my lifestyle this has been a non-issue lately!

🤜🏼 not depriving myself. There is no off plan food in food freedom for me. It is all about what is worth it and what isn’t.  It’s not a “no foods” list, it’s a “not worth it” list.

That last one is hands down one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned during my Whole30 and reintroduction experiences.

In my food freedom I get to choose. And having that freedom has in turn given me

MORE control. I don’t have to eat the whole bag of chips, or the whole pretzel or cupcake to feel satisfied anymore because I’ve put in the work to learn exactly what my mind and my body is telling me it wants and needs.

And sometimes it may be the whole thing. And most days I am cleaning my plate but because I’m learning how to prepare it best to fit my current needs.

Having a history with binge eating disorder portion control is important for me and I’m very thankful that I’m finding the balance in what works for me and I certainly hope these tips can help you too. 💛

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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