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March 21, 2019by Courtney Elise0

I wrote a post  about this in 2016 when I was just breaking the surface of comprehending what food freedom could actually be like. And as I was glancing through Pinterest earlier this week and saw that quote again it amazed me how differently I interpret it now.

Eat like you love yourself. BW30 (before Whole30) I was so wrapped up in true diet culture. Yo-Yo dieting, restricting and then binging because I had been restricting, counting calories and points and weighing every day or more than once a day fueling my eating disorder every step of the way. I thought that eating like I loved myself meant not eating at all or eating everything in sight to feel better.

What I know now is that to eat like I love myself means to eat deliberately. To eat consciously. To be present during my meals. Sometimes to eat like I love myself means to eat the pizza and sometimes it means not to. To know the decision, to be able to ask yourself the right questions and be mindful… that is to eat like you love yourself. There is no deprivation or restrictions. There is no fear or judgement. It takes time, effort and work but when you are patient and you give yourself time to learn how to listen and respond to what your body is telling you… that’s when you can eat like you love yourself.

There are still days that I struggle but I don’t exist in the pain anymore. I’ve seen what it is like to live in my food freedom and I 100% can thank all of my Whole30 resources for that. Whole30 did not fix me. Melissa Urban did not fix me. She offered me resources,  tools and accountability that I needed to do the work and get my life back. She did exactly what she set out to do.

I begged for diets in years pass to be the cure I needed to get in control but there is no diet that can fix any of us. Which is exactly why they never worked. And good news, the Whole30 isn’t a diet and guess what? That’s why it worked for me.

To eat the ice-cream and enjoy it. To pass it by and not feel deprived. To go to a Mexican restaurant and skip the Margarita because it’s not worth it or to enjoy two because it is- that is to eat like you love yourself.

And it is my hope, my prayer and my mission that every single one of you experience what it is like to live freely, without guilt, without shame around food and exercise. Just remember that you don’t have to do it alone and that are more people than I can count in this community ready and willing to help you. You just have to ask. <3

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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