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March 21, 2019by Courtney Elise0

Day t h r e e  of tonsillitis and an ear infection. I definitely feel better but am not at 100%.

What has hurt worse than my throat is my pride. See, I used to get sick all the time. I spent Thanksgiving through New Year of 2015 with strep, double ear infections, upper respiratory infections and more. My immune system was very weak then. I was binging, not exercising and coping with binge eating by eating more.

After my Whole30 journey began early 2016 ( and when I started putting in the work) one of my biggest NSV’s (non-scale victories) to date is how I don’t get sick as often.

So when the doc told me this week I had a severe case of tonsillitis, I felt defeated. When I should have just felt human.

Sometimes we just get sick despite our efforts to be healthy. Sometimes the dentists kid has cavities, and the hair dressers kid has a wonky haircut.

It’s all good. And sh*t happens. And we must press on.

What you see pictured has definitely helped with my symptoms. Many of you have asked so I thought I’d share. None of this is sponsored.

Gaia herbs elderberry syrup, I’ve been taking 2 generous tsp daily

Throat coat tea when something warm sounded good. The one pictured is super yummy and comforting- highly recommended. Also- it’s delicious with frothed caramel nutpods. (Save on your first order of nutpods with my code CoffeeCarrotsandCurls).

Medlie Veggies (previously Züpa Noma) soups and shots since eating has been hella difficult. I drank my newly branded immunity shot yesterday and the one pictured is from today- very happy for my friends and their new brand. Save 15% on ALL your orders with my code CarrotsandCurls)

Essential oils (lemon and peppermint) either in my water or diffuser and in a smoothie (not pictured) I’ve made every morning with pineapple, lemon, almond milk, honey, sage and ginger. Felt amazing on my throat. My favorite brand is DoTerra but I was out of those and went with this brand I found on Amazon.

Antibiotics- also not pictured.  I believe there’s definitely a time and a place for antibiotics and one of those times is present. You do you and live your truth on this. I know it’s not for everyone.

Also not pictured: a crap ton of water and rest.

Thank you for all your messages and suggestions. I’m definitely taking note for future sicknesses!

To heal my pride I am showing myself grace and allowing myself space to feel regardless of the pain and frustration. I am human and sometimes I think we need to be reminded of that. Keep on keeping on my friends. <3

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise

Courtney Elise

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