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Courtney EliseCourtney Elise
June 20, 2017

Roasted Potatoes These Whole30 Roasted Potatoes will make the perfect side dish for your 4th of July or other summertime Celebration! Serves 6  Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 35-40 minutes Use Whole30 compliant ingredients  Ingredients 2 lbs small baby potatoes- halved (you could also use any potato of your choice-russet, sweet potato, purple potato–just...

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise
March 3, 2017

One of my all time favorite dishes that I make about once a week. It’s perfect for a large get together, a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or if you just want plenty of leftovers. And, while channeling my inner Melissa Hartwig, at breakfast, I’ll #putaneggonit. Cabbage Hash Serves 4-6 (or lots of leftovers) Prep time...

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise
March 21, 2016

This week, another popular question will be answered! “What if you have a get together, birthday party or holiday event to attend?” To answer this question, let me start with this: After reading The Whole30 literature I walked away with a clear understanding that you should set yourself up for success…meaning, don’t have a major holiday, birthday,...

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise
January 28, 2016

Days 8-14 It’s hard for me to believe that two weeks have come & gone! I’d be lying if I said it’s been a piece of cake… (see what I did there?;) ) Some days are definitely harder than others but the fact I get to go to sleep at night (without a sleep aid...

Courtney EliseCourtney Elise
January 20, 2016

Well, today was my first work day on whole30. I was worried how it would go being that I wake up at 4:15 am which means I eat breakfast super early… Then lunch earlier in the day which means by dinner time… I’m hangry. Yes, hangry! anger fueled by hunger: a cranky state resulting from...


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